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Captain Nemo ( / ˈ n iː m oʊ / ; also known as Prince Dakkar) is a fictional character created by the French science fiction author Jules Verne ( 1828– 1905). Nemo appears in two of Verne' s novels, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seaand The Mysterious Island ( 1874), and makes a cameo appearance in Verne' s play Journey Through the Impossible ( 1882).

The Return of Captain Nemo ( theatrical title: The Amazing Captain Nemo) is a 1978 American science fiction adventure television miniseries directed by Alex March and Paul Stader ( the latter directed the underwater sequences), and loosely based on characters and settings from Jules Verne' s novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. Captain Nemo is the antiheroic deuteragonist in 20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Nemo has always been a mysterious character, always tending to keep to himself though he did reveal a few details of his past. He is a brilliant genius, having created the Nautilus in the middle of the 19th Century.

Feb 14, · Reksio si Capitanul Nemo partea 7: ly/ 2NJvg3t I do not own any music! I do not receive money from this video. Please contact me if there is a problem. Jan 25, 1975 · Directed by Vasili Levin.

With Vladislav Dvorzhetskiy, Yuri Rodionov, Mikhail Kononov, Volodymyr Talashko. An expedition is dispatched to find the mysterious monster roaming the seas.

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